23hb OGOS 2019 – 22hb OKT 2019

Ingin mendapat peluang untuk menyerlahkan bakat fotografi anda dan mempamirkan foto anda di galeri ‘Hutan Kita’? Demi meraikan alam semula jadi Malaysia dan mengurangkan perlepasan karbon, kami menggalakkan anda untuk menyertai pertandingan fotografi ‘Hutan Kita’!


Langkah 1
Ikuti kami @hutankitacontest2019 di Instagram dan merujuk kepada Terma dan Syarat di bawah untuk peraturan pertandingan.

Langkah 2
Muat naik foto anda di laman sosial Instagram dengan hashtag #hutankitalml untuk kategori pertandingan “Landscape & Micro Life” atau #hutankitapn untuk kategori pertandingan “People & Nature”.

Langkah 3
GeoTag foto anda, tag kami @hutankitacontest2019, tambahkan hashtag #hutankita2019 #jpsm #jpsmofficial #KATSMalaysia #edotcocontest #edotcogroup dan tuliskan kapsyen yang kreatif bersama dengan siaran anda.



Anda boleh menangkap gambar terperinci dengan lensa makro, atau gambar pemandangan, flora atau fauna di Taman Negara atau Hutan Malaysia dengan lensa sudut lebar.

Tambahkan #hutankitalml
untuk menyertai kategori ini.


Tangkap saat-saat kegemaran anda menikmati alam semula jadi di Taman Negara atau Hutan Malaysia.

Tambahkan #hutankitapn
untuk menyertai kategori ini.


RM 1,000
Naib Johan
RM 500
RM 250


  1. Entries must be submitted before closing date and must be accompanied by photo captions / descriptions (linking the subject to the photo to any ecosystem and its importance or relevance) in not more than 100 words per photo; date and location (i.e. geotag) of the photo taken.
  2. Each participant can only submit a maximum of 5 (FIVE) photos based on each identification card number. The impact of photos depicting an ecosystem and the accompanying caption linking the subject of the photo to the ecosystem and its importance / relevance will be shortlisted.
  3. Participants are allowed to use any camera or smartphone camera. Images taken using a drone will not be accepted.
  4. To be eligible for the contest, photos must be captured with MINIMUM 8 megapixel resolution and must be submitted with original resolution, along with EXIF information. Photos must be NO MORE THAN 15 megabytes in size. Only JPG/JPEG format will be accepted.
  1. Non-submission photos (e.g. candid or photos not selected for submission) can be shared on Facebook or Instagram, and those tagged with #hutankita2019 #jpsm #jpsmofficial #KATSMalaysia #edotcocontest #edotcogroup hashtags may be shared on our Instagram and Facebook page.
  2. All photos captured shall be from Malaysia’s Forests or National Parks and must be taken during the contest period.
  3. All photos taken must show respect for the subject and the natural environment. Any shooting process that disturbs, disrupts or damages the environment is strictly prohibited.
  4. Images should not infringe on the rights of any other photographer or person.
  5. Shortlisting of entries will be announced in Facebook and Instagram upon closing of the contest. Shortlisted participants will be required to provide their full name, Malaysian IC number, phone number, email address and their original copy of their photo entry through our nominee e-form.
  1. All photos captured must be original and meet predefined theme. Standard optimization of photos is allowed, but any images with editing beyond this will not be accepted.
  2. The jury reserves the right to disqualify any entries or participants should they be found to have not fulfilled the terms and conditions stipulated above, such as failing to meet the criteria for eligibility, misconduct, during the shooting process etc.
  3. Please read the “Terms and conditions” carefully. By participating in this contest, participants signify their agreement with an understanding of the “Rules and Regulations” and the legal information pertaining to both contest and any materials on it.
  4. Winner announcement will be in November 2019 via email and through our Instagram and Facebook page. All unclaimed winning prizes will be forfeited within three (3) months from the date of announcement.


  1. Participants certify that the photos of the entries are their original work and property. Participants who are found to have submitted non-original and non-propriety photos will be disqualified.
  2. By participating in the contest and to qualify for the winning prizes, the winners agree to grant edotco and Jabatan Perhutanan Semenanjung Malaysia (JPSM) full ownership of the image. The image will be used as part of the organiser’s marketing medium and JPSM’S conservation efforts via advocacy, and awareness programmes.
  1. All winning photos submitted are authorised under the copyright of edotco and JPSM with credit given to the photographer for any publication.
  2. Winning photographs may not be used for profit-based purposes (such as participating in any other photography contests), but may be used for other non-profit purposes. (such as exhibitions, media publications, etc.) with prior written permission from edotco accompanied by credit granted to edotco group and JPSM as mentioned above.
  1. The organiser reserves the right and discretion to reject photos that do not fulfil the required accompanying captions, deemed improper or offensive in any manner; or which violates any of the ‘Terms and Conditions’.
  2. The judges’ decision is final. No correspondence or any other form of communication regarding this matter will be entertained.